The First Hospital

Yup, somewhere in that picture is where I spent the first two weeks of my unhealthy life.

You know, despite everything, Aysha Memorial Hospital was not the worst of my hospital stays. It is just that they were not equipped or trained enough to handle my problem.

And that pretty much is what can be said of pretty much every hospital in the country…but as I lost weight and became a more manageable size, that is less of a mitigating circumstance and more incompetence and penny-pinching.

So one of the few things that I remember about my stay at the hospital was that the first night I had a doctor interrogate me at 3 in the morning asking how I knew a certain someone (apparently I went to this particular hospital due to a recommendation from my mother’s aunt who is a big wig…and they were all shitting themselves trying to figure out how much attention should they pay in my care [you might think I am being cynical, but really am not]).

I hope to one day find that particular doctor and give him a wedgie of a lifetime…his of course.

I should warn you, now that I am actually interacting with doctors, I am going to be mentioning a lot of bodily harm that I would like to inflict upon them…but there is context!

Anyways, other than that, either I worked really hard to convince everyone that I was going to be okay and that this was just a minor inconvenience to the point that I seemed to have convinced myself that other than a few things, it was not the worst stay.

Here are the things that annoyed me during my stay:

1 – no way to call a nurse…they required me to have a personal attendant (i.e. my elderly mother in this case), to stick by my side and if a nurse was needed, she would have to go out and find a nurse

2 – filthy…though I think it’s just more to poor maintenance than someone bleeding and pooing on the walls.

3 – poor maintenance – three times the elevator went out…which meant that they had to manually haul my ass up and down a series of stairs when I needed to go to visit a doctor or get a scan done – at least I could sit in a chair, imagine if that happened to someone sicker…

Of course the most annoying thing was that they completely misdiagnosed me, hereby causing me to be in my present condition…but that’s the next post!


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