Disaster Strikes!

Previously on my origin story…my feet were becoming number and number, and I wasn’t paying attention.

Until I had to. I realized that I was becoming afraid to take a step, that I would lean against he wall so that I could hold myself upright. I instinctively knew that if I fell, I would have a problem getting up.

I actually fell once, but I brushed it off as stepping on the stairs wrongly and becoming unbalanced.

I knew that I had to see the doctor, but I just had another two weeks of the semester to deal with (I was teaching at the time) so I thought I could suck it up and just make it through.

That was my mistake, as,you body finally gave out on me.

What happened was that as I took the first step down the five flights I was to take from my apartment to the ground floor, my legs had become so numb that it could no longer support me. My legs buckled from underneath me, and I fell down a flight of stairs.

It was then that I realized I could not pick myself up, my legs weren’t responding…


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