So I have been quiet for the past couple of weeks, mainly a combination of trying to get a last minute freelance job (which paid me more than my regular job ever did) and also having been re-incarcerated in the hospital due to low platelet count (like seriously low, fear of spontaneous internal bleeding levels). But despite my unplanned hospital stay I think will blog a bit more…

So without much further ado, here is the origins of my shitty three years (third year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, wohoo! Wait, should I be celebrating this bullshit? Eh, who cares?)

Anyways, it all started with back pain.

Savage back pain, so painful that I could not sleep, instead ending up spending as long as possible under a blistering hot shower, hoping the heat would bring some relief (I was in between houses at that moment so didn’t have a hot water bag to at least press against…in the end I would take four or five boiling hot showers throughout the night). The long nights of showering took its toll, since I was too tired to teach early in the morning (classes started at, meaning I left the house by 7 to avoid the traffic).

So this mixture of back pain and lack of sleep meant I was missing a very important symptom…I couldn’t feel my feet…


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