Preparation by Proxy (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay between posts folks, whenever I have good days I kind of just enjoy myself, but now that I have a couple of days before I do my next round of chemo, it’s time to get some posts up, I know you all have been dying to read more of my thoughts.

So I previously talked about how my aunt had cancer and how she dealt with it basically prepared me for this pain in the ass problem (the nerve damage though was a bonus that I didn’t account for).

So my aunt was kind of a grump with the cancer (in retrospect, I feel like I was overly harsh towards her, though to be fair, I am considerably less grumpy than she is…but mainly because of how she was).

My aunt’s cancer was terrible, and it wore her down physically, and she was a person who always needed to work, so being weak and shackled with tiredness and all this pain in the ass stuff that comes with being a cancer patient must have been beyond torturous for her (I realize that now, back then, her constant complaining got a bit wearying after a while).

So when I finally got my diagnosis of cancer (it was a long and arduous diagnosis, will tell you about it one day), I strengthened my resolve…’cause no one needs to hear my whine and complain as I go through chemo. Instead I decided to face this problem like I faced a lot of things, with sheer “fuck-you-let’s-grin-and-bear-it” attitude.

It’s difficult and I can totally see not everyone able to do it. But if you can, go for it…it makes for talking so much easier. When you are the goofy one and laughing and showing things aren’t as bad as they seem (in fact it was terrible, I was stressed out all the time, but having people laughing at my general weirdness really helped…rather than them being worried all the time) your brain sometimes just goes with the flow and makes you think that it isn’t that bad either.

So yeah, I wanted to approach my cancer (and related troubles) in exactly the opposite way my aunt did…it’s why I do it head on and smiling all the time.

(I kind of wish I hadn’t run out of money though, but being unemployed for three years does that to you…)

Even now, gotta keep smiling, being goofy, and don’t let it get you down. That’s my advice.

Though if you need to cry, go for it too, crying feels good (but don’t cry all the time, you are going to get dehydrated).


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