The thing about cancer is that it is a mental game.

Your body is crapping out on you, no matter how healthy you were, your body is now rebelling and it’s decided to take your brain with you.

Don’t let the bastard win.

The only thing you can do is prep to fight. This may sound cheesy (’cause it is) but letting yourself fall into despair is not really worth it (this of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get sad or depressed or miserable even).

But in the end what’s the point?

Being miserable, being sad, being depressed only makes you feel worse and just make people pity you more and just make the whole situation more dour.

So fuck it

Take a big step, greet the damn cancer or what have you with a bear hug…and squeeze the life out of that asshole.

There is another good thing about being positive…you see, I am not a very positive guy by nature (I tend to overthink things), but the face that I show is one of positivity, ’cause it keeps people from saying stupid things (“be strong”, “life is full of battles”…ugh) and they actually respond to you and make you feel like a regular human being.

So if all else fails, take that with you, you get better conversations with a positive face!


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