It’s All About Prep Work

I kept putting off updating the blog, mainly because been depressed lately.

It’s hard to keep being depressed, especially when things were on the up and up for the most part – I had started a job, I was socializing (okay that was hellish…so was the job too ’cause my schedule sucked, but what the hell, I am freakishly powerful so it didn’t matter that much…well, except for the fact that the job itself was terrible, but the state of teaching and students in Bangladesh these days is a whole different rant), and I finally had money in my pocket.

Now, I got pretty much one of that.


Anyways, will complain about those things a bit more, but at a later time and probably more vociferously.

Despite shaving my head, my hair stubble keeps falling out – it’s kind of annoying.

Anyways, so tomorrow is round two of my chemotherapy and I have a better game plan in place. Got my diet ready (food is ridiculously important since the chemo last time wiped out virtually every bit of my blood [I exaggerate of course, I had some blood left, but it wasn’t enough to keep my body running well enough] and so a good diet from the beginning should go a long way (when I first did R-CHOP for what was then B-Cell Lymphoma [currently am doing ICE] I had terrible stomach upset, to the point that not eating was preferable…it didn’t help much, but mentally felt better at least – I thought I could head all that off by going with a simple diet that didn’t affect my stomach, it just kind of made things worse ’cause my body wasn’t getting the right nutrients and so I crashed two days later).

Anyways, food! Gotta have a good variety of protein a nice range of veggies (sweet potatoes are a godsend) and just not stress about it.

Reminds me, I should put up some recipes on this blog, even for those without cancer might enjoy them.


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